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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a non-profit foundation striving to help the orphans and less fortunate youths of Pakistan with with focus in education.

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Our Story

This foundation was envisioned by Mujahid and Mufti Wali.  One day Mujahid was sitting in his car in a parking lot, thinking how can he make a positive impact that can continue till Qiyamat.  He spoke to Mufti Wali, a long mentor of his and a great companion in Islam, he too envisioned the same as Mujahid.  They always wanted to do something that will continue even when they pass away from this dunya, always wanting to help the orphans and less fortunate.  The question was what can we do that will be different from all other organizations and how can we make the orphans feel accepted in the society and not have a label on them.
By the Grace of Allah they opened a school in Chitral, Pakistan.  Where it helps all types of children's and from their, the idea grew.

Meet The Team

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